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Top 14 - Racing 92: Peel returns to Australia at the end of the season

Top 14 – Racing 92: Peel returns to Australia at the end of the season

Released January 24, 2022 at 4:10 p.m.

Aureli Chachelli

According to AFP and RMC Sport, Australian Racing 92 full-back Curtley Peel will not extend his contract, which expires in June, giving him the opportunity to play in the 2023 World Cup with the Wallabies before returning to Australia.

Curtley Peel, who arrived in France in the summer of 2020, will not go beyond two seasons of his contract with Racing 92. Although the Ciel et Blanc leaders offered him a new two-year lease, the 33-year-old Australian finally decided to refuse. According to the informationAFP And RMC SportThe player wants to return to Australia to be given every opportunity to play in France at the 2023 World Cup. Peel recently spoke with Wallabies coach Dave Rennie, so he opted to return to Racing 92, where he has a contract until June 30, 2022. “My goal is to play in another World Cup. It would be awesome to do it in France! I never said I’ve finished Wallabies or international rugby, “he saidAFP A native of the Blacktown area last June, He has already worn the Australian jersey 95 times since 2009 and has played in five games at the 2011 and 2019 World Cups and seven at the 2015 World Cup, including the final against the All Blacks. He played in all three games for Australia on the Northern Hemisphere autumn tour last November.

Direction Les Vardas?

Peel, who has returned to Australia, will have to re-wear Sydney-based Super Rugby owner Varadah’s jersey, which he has already preserved from 2007 to 2011 and will be worn between the two with freelance on Wasps from 2014 to 2020. But before leaving Racing 92, Curtley Peel hopes to shine in the Hots-de-Sean for the last six months.. He has scored seven attempts (none this season) in 38 games (34 as a starter) since joining Ciel et Blancs. Still able to win the first 14 (racing 8th after 14 games) or the Champions Trophy, the round of 16 will be played in April in the first leg against the state franchise.

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