Even if the LEGO franchise began its video game career with more than just imperfect games, the arrival of Traveler’s Tales into the equation changed a lot of things. Beginning with Star Wars, the formula has been used many times through multiple licenses. But to find the best, what’s better than the top?

Image credit: Traveler’s Tales

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LEGO Dimensions

Rising out of the madness around the Skylanders principle, LEGO Dimensions is also working on this concept of mixing a video game whose content is enhanced with physical games. It works great, especially since the game is really intense and very fun. The concern is that you will constantly have to buy new kits. But aside from that concern, it remains an excellent LEGO game.

LEGO Jurassic World

How not to love a game that mixes Jurrasic Park and LEGO dinosaurs? And who also makes us relive the movies, with humor and action. As is often the case, the formula remains unchanged and this is a criticism that can be leveled at many of the Traveler’s Tales games. But it would be a shame if we change our desire to play. is not it ?

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

The legendary Jack Sparrow franchise has also had the rights to its LEGO game and as much as it says it’s a hit. We review the first four films with great pleasure, rediscovering key scenes from the adventures of the famous pirate. The humor is still as attractive as ever and fits perfectly in the licensing world. We almost wanted a sequel. see him.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes

The game isn’t perfect, but while the first was more of a linear one, this second iteration plunges us into a completely open world to progress up and down. In addition to slightly changing the usual formula for LEGO games, this time the heroes are called real actors. While games are usually more of a cool off, in other words, this was a huge change.

LEGO Harry Potter; years 1-7

Technically, these two games were released separately, but combined into one Package On the new generations of consoles. We take the usual formula but this time with the magic system and the special abilities of each character. Something to relive the adventures of Harry Potter, whether you’re a fan of the license or not, is still an excellent find.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2

Before falling into the Marvel frenzy, it was rare to see Traveler’s Tales developing a sequel to one of its games. That is the case, with LEGO Indiana Jones 2, but we still offer a lot of new features compared to its predecessor. In particular, the largest exploration area brings together emblematic places from the four films. It is truly a cooperative game full of secrets and whips.

LEGO Secret City

LEGO games usually use the basics of an already established license, but in the case of City Undercover, it’s a specific topic in the spotlight. We can compare it to GTA but for kids. Conducting an open world city investigation has never been so fun, and if we can count on scary content, as much as we can tell you we have one of the best LEGO games.