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Toosla: A reminder: Toosla has launched the Shareholders Club, a unique space for exchange and loyalty

March 2, 2023 – TUSLA (ISN Code: FR00140062B9 – Memory Code: ALTOO), a digital company in short-term car rentals, announces the launch of a Shareholders Club, which is open to any individual shareholder who owns at least one share of the company.

Eric Ponsen, Chairman and CEO, TooslaHe says:

“It is gratifying that today, Toosla is inaugurating its Shareholder Club. Since its inception, Toosla has stood out for its 100% digital, agency-free, and contactless offering. However, the key to our success lies in the dialogue we maintain every day with our customers, financial partners, and ecosystem, Especially car manufacturers.It is the richness of these exchanges that feeds our value proposition to our customers and allows us to refine and solidify our economic model.

Through our shareholder club, we wish to enhance our exchanges with all individual investors who have joined the Toosla adventure since the IPO in December 2021. It is a project very close to my heart. Open to all, once you own a share, the club will allow you to better discover our company, see our latest news, but also to discuss regularly and take advantage of exclusive benefits.

We also give you a date on March 6 for 1any Club Meeting: A video conference is being organized on the occasion of the publication of Doran 2022. I will answer all questions of the TUSLA shareholders. I hope to see many of you there. »

Why join the Twasla Shareholders Club?

Open and free to all Toosla shareholders, the club offers you three levels of benefits:

  • from 1 businessShareholders are allowed to:
    • Receive information from Toosla in real time: financial and corporate press releases related to strategy, letters to shareholders, annual reports, etc. In accordance with the company’s responsible communication approach, the Toosla Shareholders’ Club seeks to favor electronic exchanges for the transmission of these documents.
    • Discuss with managers, during informational meetings (webinars, etc.). These meetings are an opportunity to share recent company news and allow club member shareholders to put their questions to the Toosla directors.
  • of 70 sharesIt also offers exclusive benefits such as a discount on Toosla rentals[1] or invitations to events (limited places).
  • of 700 sharesIt also offers shareholders the MyToosla Premium service. Shareholders will thus be able to take advantage of free delivery and free pick-up of Toosla rent in their homes and will be able to enrich their rentals with many options without any additional charges.[2].
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How to become a member of the Toosla Shareholders Club?

Shareholders Club membership is free. All you need is a registered Toosla holder or stock. Eligible contributors wishing to join the club, must complete a membership form and submit their Toosla certificate of contribution dated less than one month, on the website www.toosla-bourse.comShareholders Club page.

First Club Meeting March 6, 2023: Video conference with TUSLA leaders

On the occasion of the publication of its 2022 sales, Toosla will be holding a video conference on Monday, March 6, 2023 at 6 p.m. open to all current or potential private investors in Toosla (Registration: click here). On this occasion, time will be allotted for questions from the member shareholders of the club to the directors of the company.

The purpose of this video conference will be to provide details of commercial performance, highlights of 2022 and development prospects, but also to answer, as far as possible and in accordance with the rules for financial communications of listed companies, shareholders’ questions.

Next meeting: March 6, 2023 at 6 p.m. – 1time Videoconference of the Tula Shareholders Club


Established in 2016, Toosla’s ambition is to become a major player in the mobility “revolution” by deep re-leasing the vehicle in the short term. Its goal: to remove all the “causes” of the sector thanks to its model without agency and its implementation. It provides a completely digital customer experience, with streamlined and secure procedures. Its customer promise is characterized by the guaranteed car model and options, permanent availability (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and self-service delivery without waiting for the car.
Toosla presents a fleet of more than 500 vehicles at 14 stations in Paris, Neuilly-sur-Seine and Vincennes – since May 2021 – in Madrid. In 2021, the group recorded a turnover of 7.7 million euros.
Toosla is listed on Euronext Growth® Paris (ISIN code: FR00140062B9 – mnemonic code: ALTOO).

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Find all of Toosla’s financial information at:


TWSLA – Investor Relations
Margo Rouillard
[email protected] – 01 53 67 36 32
Tula – press relations
Deborah Schwartz
[email protected] – 01 53 67 36 35

[1] One discount voucher per year for each club shareholder

[2] Delivery and collection in Paris and its inner suburbs. See service details at:

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