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Tommy Lee tells us about his vacation days on Love Island

Tommy Lee tells us about his vacation days on Love Island

Tommy Lee and Veronica came third in the first season of love island, behind Isabel and Keon, winners Benjamin and Ariel.

We had the opportunity to chat with the couple, who, among other things, told us about the islanders’ vacation days.

« On holidays, the web will come and do content, like Tik Tok videos and things like that. Explain to us Tommy Lee. « Often it wasn’t just a day off, it was two or three days glued together. So, in accordance with our obligations, we decided when we went to the beach. We didn’t get off the beach because we had to stay in our own COVID bubble, but it was fun. Sometimes we go for a little walk in the mountains too. »

« Off days, it felt really good He adds. ” At first, I wanted to keep the game going, and found it boring on vacation days, but in the end, I really needed it. »

So that they wouldn’t discuss strategy or have compromises when they weren’t filming, the production created an icon with the islanders. ” As soon as we said something about the game, the word “radish” was pronounced and we had to change the subject or quit. “, he told Veronica.

Tommy Lee continues: I, putting myself in the place of the nannies: two people in charge on the beach with 15 young men, two go into the water, and the others turn away. How do you control everyone’s conversation? Of course, the world took the opportunity to get close when it wasn’t allowed… »

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