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Tomas Sodoranski: "For me, the United States is the favorite"  NBA

Tomas Sodoranski: “For me, the United States is the favorite” NBA

If all went well at this group stage, Team USA qualified for the other tournaments and got the job done. Victory against the Czech Republic.

Again against the team of Tomas Sodoranski, the creation of Greg Popovich took a long time to find its pace. Except that this notion of American domination, which appeared at the end of the first half, was confirmed when the locker room returned.

“The gap between them and the rest of the world is narrowing, but they have more talented players.”

The soldiers raised the slider defensively to roll to the other side with their fire force. “Their main strength is the depth of their staff. Anyone can shine. That’s why it’s still the best team in the world.” In the columns confirms Tomas Sodoransky Yahoo Games. “The gap between them and the rest of the world is narrowing, but they have very talented players. They remain my favorites.”

When it comes to attacking talent, it’s hard not to mention Kevin Durand. As usual, the winger gave the attacker an easy look to deliver his first big game at this Olympics. “The 2m13 score is difficult to adjust.” Testifies to the frustrated Sadoransky.

Whether it was halfway or 3-pointers, Durant had an explosion with 23 points, scoring 8/11 in the shooting range. “It sounded easy, didn’t it?” “ Even zoo holiday jokes ESPN. Enough to let him become The highest scorer in Team USA history.

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However, the Americans, like the French against the same Czech Republic, found it difficult to enter the meeting. “If you’re not ready to play, if this is what happens in the first half, anything can happen.” Greg Popovich recalled.

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The releases found in the product acted as warnings. “The loss made us grow. It helps us focus and focus on the small details.” Holiday hopes. Would you say from there that it is necessary to lose to get 35 points against the checkers? “It would be hypocritical to say that we wanted to lose in order to learn some things.” Coach Bob thinks. “It’s a little naive to say this, but you have to learn from every game that there is victory and defeat.”

According to Popovich, there is still a lot to improve, and Americans, including Kelton Johnson, have only one goal. “Our goal is not bronze or silver.” Says the Spurs player.