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Tom Wilson called Artemy Panarin

Tom Wilson called Artemy Panarin

Washington Capitals striker Tom Wilson called New York Rangers star Artemy Panarin to make sure he was okay.

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“I think he’s a good player for our sport and has a great personality. Wilson said at a videoconference on Friday that he’s a good player and I like to compete with him. His statements were remarkably conveyed by TSN. I just wanted to text him and check (how he’s doing).”

Panarin suffered a lower body injury in a heated altercation with Wilson on Monday night in the Capitals Rangers match played at Madison Square Garden. The Rangers striker will not return to the game this season. For his part, Wilson did not receive a comment.

However, he was fined $ 5,000 for Pavel Buchenevich’s hit moments earlier. The Rangers player was lying on ice and unable to defend himself against Wilson’s strikes. A violent quarrel ensued.

The events did not leave anyone indifferent. Dissatisfied with the league’s response to Wilson’s actions, the Rangers wanted to take justice into their own hands in the rematch, which took place on Wednesday. The New York organization was fined up to $ 250,000 for demanding the departure of George Barros, head of NHL Player Safety.

“It was a crazy moment, but it’s not uncommon for it to happen in hockey. I’m trying to move on,” Wilson said. The latter made it clear that he wanted to defend his goalkeeper who was attacked by Rangers players.

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“So young, in hockey, we learned to defend the goalkeeper and that’s what I did. From there, you have men jumping on your back … I think anyone’s reaction would be to try to get him out of there and throw him on the ice. That’s what I thought at that moment, go on.” Wilson explained his nod against Panarin.

“Obviously the scratches are messy and there is a lot going on. I didn’t think it was any different at the time. But nothing I can say will change people’s minds. They have already made their decisions, and I have to move on.”