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Tom Holland is taking a year off after The Crowded Room

Tom Holland is taking a year off after The Crowded Room

Tom Holland will take a year off after ‘Test’ series crowded room.

In an interview given to additionalStar Spider-Man: No way home He revealed that he found the project so difficult to produce that he decided to take a year off.

“It was a complicated time, that’s for sure,” he told the outlet. We were exploring some feelings I hadn’t felt before. On top of that, being a producer, and dealing with the day-to-day issues that came up on set, added an extra level of pressure. »

while stressing that he is knowledgeable and “works hard” and that he “really enjoyed” his experience crowded roomThe actor said he was “broken” by the series.

“At one point I needed a break and I just disappeared, went to Mexico for a week, hung out on the beach and laid low,” he said. “I am now taking a year off, and this is the result of this difficult time. I can’t wait to see what he achieves. I feel like our hard work has not been in vain.”

The series revolves around a man involved in a shooting in New York in 1979. Tom Holland plays Danny Sullivan, a character based on “campus rapist” Billy Milligan.

The first three episodes will premiere on Apple TV+ on June 9, followed by a new episode every Friday through July 28.

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