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Ghostwire tokyo prelude the corrupted casefile 7

Tokyo is now offering a free version of the visual novel on PS4 and PS5, available March 8 on PC

I barely entered this month of March 2022 during which Ghost Wire: Tokyo Coming out, this one has an introduction to keep us waiting. Titled “Corrupted Casefile”, this small experiment so far It can be downloaded for free on PS4 and PS5while it will only be playableMarch 8 on PC vs Steam and Epic Games.

Dive first into the mysteries of Ghostwire: Tokyo

It was presented as a visual novel, so we are far from the DNA of the core game, which is more in adventure and action. What could be more natural because the goal here is to set the scene for the events that endangered Tokyo, duringA short adventure lasting just under an hour.

The introduction lets you join KK, a ghost hunter, and his team of detectives, as they tackle a strange disappearance case. There are different options for dialogues and interactions to make connections between members of the investigative team and learn more about their stories.

So we are on the edge of the main court that we proposed Ghost Wire: Tokyo Which, let us remember, will come down March 25th on PS5 and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Feel free to consult Our overview In order to find out more about this title that made a strong impression on us.

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