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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Hockey: An Australian final

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Hockey: An Australian final

The Red Lions will play in the final of the Olympic men’s hockey tournament on Thursday at 12 noon. After Argentina (2-4 defeat) in the final in Rio 2016, the hockey players get to Australia. Facing the first world nation in the FIH rankings is a big piece for the Belgians, A true allied force crowned three times globally (1986, 2010, 2014) and who wants to bring Olympic gold back to the country after the 2004 coronation of Athens. “Two teams they can compare to”, RTPF adviser Thomas van den Polk warns during the Olympics and knows the Australian team well. “They have the same strengths as the Belgians: they are a physically very strong team and lean towards attack. They have very fast moving players. It will be a physical fight above all else.”

There was a group status like red lions in Australia. She has not lost any encounters so far and has simply conceded a division (against Spain, 1-1, 15 for 13). In the quarterfinals, The Land below Won the shoot-out against the Netherlands. Like Belgium, Australia intends to make a difference with its penalty corners (PC). “They have two different shooters, but you have to be very careful with Blake Covers. PC is a big part of hockey and the Australians understand that.”

Can we point out the weakness of this Australian team? “Not really one thing. I can only see one thing: compared to the Belgians, they played fewer matches during the Kovit-19 period because they were forced to stay in their country. At the same time, it did no harm to them in the team position. They have a coach who knows us well. He was the coach of the Red Lions in London in 2012. “

According to our adviser, the meeting will be close. “They lost their last World Cup (3rd place, eliminated in shoot-outs against the Netherlands in the semifinals) and have to make up for it by winning a big trophy”. Here the Belgians have warned.

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