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Today's quote |  Richard Hitto's blog

Today’s quote | Richard Hitto’s blog

“So what’s hate speech? Well, that’s talk our leaders hate. So because a mentally ill teen killed strangers, you might not be allowed to voice your political opinions out loud. That’s what they tell you. That’s what they’ve been telling you for so long, but The Sabbath massacre gives them a pretext and a justification.”

Tucker CarlsonThe Fox News host accused Democrats Monday night of exploiting the racist Buffalo massacre to curtail conservative free speech.

Note: The promoter of the “Great Replacement” theory – which he didn’t allude to directly on Monday night – Carlson denied any political significance to the remarks referring to this racist concept in a statement attributed to the alleged shooting writer. “The document is not recognizable as left or right; it is not political at all. The document is insane.

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