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Tobacco free space created in front of the school

Tobacco free space created in front of the school

Bessay-sur-Allier. Create a tobacco-free zone. On the initiative of the Municipal Youth Council, Didier Baqueriod, Mayor, and Dr. Vouetlier, President of the Allier Cancer Association, open tobacco-free spaces in front of schools, in the presence of teachers and schoolchildren.

The smoking ban is already included in the school rules.

The installation of these four panels and the municipal decree that was taken reinforces the idea of ​​reducing the initiation of smoking, distorting its reputation, and preserving the environment from cigarette butts.

Beci is the tenth municipality in Allier to join this program.

The plate, which denotes the area, contains a QR code pointing to the Cancer Fighting League website.

In addition to these four free panels, the university for CM1 and CM2 students subscribe to the journal health applause Make them aware of preventive behaviors for their health.

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