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to see |  A huge swarm of jellyfish caught on video

to see | A huge swarm of jellyfish caught on video

Great aerial footage shows a huge swarm of jellyfish off the coast of Israel in the Mediterranean.

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The video was filmed last Thursday by the country’s maritime authorities who were inspecting the waters of Haifa Bay during their annual migration.

screenshot | Reuters

Their boat was surrounded by invertebrates.

According to the organization, pollution and climate change are increasing the density of the flocks of these marine animals.

screenshot | Reuters

“So since the 1980s we can see jellyfish come to our shores in greater numbers. Every year because of global warming, the water temperature is increasing and you can see more and more jellyfish. They come from the Red Sea into the Mediterranean, and they are doing real damage here. They compete with local fish for food, and get stuck in power plants and desalination plants. “They give birth and so people should stay away from the beaches during the summer, the busiest season,” Jay Lavian told Reuters.

screenshot | Reuters

This problem is also a problem in the Suez Canal, a 150-year-old Egyptian man-made canal that allowed invasive species to travel from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, where there are now 17 species of jellyfish, most of them non-venomous.

Fertilizer spills off the coast are also used as food for jellyfish.

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