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To hear from Kyle Davidson, Patrick Kane will not be returning to Chicago

To hear from Kyle Davidson, Patrick Kane will not be returning to Chicago

In 2023, just days before the trade deadline, the Blackhawks made the decision to trade Patrick Kane.

The American finished the season with the New York Rangers, and signed a one-year contract last November with the Detroit Red Wings.

The 35-year-old veteran will be free as air this summer and we don't really know his intentions for next season.

Kane hasn't slowed down: he collected 47 points in 50 games last year in a Wings uniform and was an important piece to the team.

However, the possibility of Kane returning to Chicago to finish his career has been discussed as the Hawks appear to be interested in bringing him back to the city…

But to hear Kyle Davidson, we can forget the idea.

The Hawks GM doesn't seem overly concerned, at least:

I think we made some very difficult decisions regarding some of the old players. I do not expect us to return to this situation. – Kyle Davidson

I find it somewhat flat because Chicago would have been the perfect opportunity to bring leadership into the locker room.

Kane has three Stanley Cup titles under his belt, knows what it takes to win and has what it takes to help young guys.

Considering that the Blackhawks are rebuilding, in my eyes… it seems like adding a winner like him could have pushed things forward a bit.

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But obviously we want to turn the page in Chicago and we want to allow the young guys to have playing time so they can progress.

The kids (Nazar, Bedard, Moore and Richelle) will have plenty of ice next season and the organization will want to evaluate them to develop a plan for the next few years.

Ultimately, we can wonder where Patrick Kane will play during the 24-25 season.

He still has some left in the tank, and he proved last year that he can have a positive impact on the ice.

Will he sign a contract in the East? In the west?

Quickly, it looks like there's an interesting fit in Dallas… and if Kane aligns with the Stars, we can expect the Texans to remain a dominant team next season.

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