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To go back to the formula of releasing a new version of the operating system every three years? This is what the current developments indicate

Is Microsoft heading for another change in the way it releases major versions of Windows? Towards Windows 12 in 2024? This is suggested by unofficial developments that the publisher plans to return to a three-year release cycle for Windows. The approach will then follow the adoption of Windows as a service in effect since the release of Windows 10 in 2015. The expected changes come to revive the discussion about the comparisons between Windows and Linux.

Microsoft moved away from the three-year cycle with the release of Windows 10 in 2015, preferring the idea of ​​Windows as a Service. Instead of launching a big feature every three years in a new version of Windows, Windows 10 is updated twice a year with big new features. The Windows 10 May 2019 Update Released He had in particular launched the controversy over the installation process being conditional on creating a Microsoft account. This is one of the reasons why some Windows users switch to Linux.

The reason: they feel they own their operating system with Linux. Roughly speaking, if there’s one aspect where Linux seems to outperform Windows, it’s managing updates, whether it’s security, apps, or the operating system’s kernel. Opinions differ on the matter depending on whether we are dealing with Windows or Linux users.

Since the release of Windows 11 last year, Microsoft has endorsed an annual update cadence for Windows 10 and Windows 11. Along with the next release of Windows in 2024, Microsoft still intends to keep Windows 11 updated in the coming years. Over the past few months, the software maker has walked away from its initial promise of big annual updates for Windows 11, preferring to ship key features as soon as they’re ready. The Next major update, 10:22 PM.It is currently expected for September or October, having been recently completed by Microsoft.

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Microsoft is said to be dropping its plans for an annual update at 23:00 in 2023 and will prioritize rolling out new features throughout 2023. This is more in line with recent changes Microsoft made to its Windows Insider program, with more prototype experiences and functionality. that have been extensively tested.

Microsoft has not officially commented on its Windows roadmap plans. The company has doubled down on its efforts for Windows over the past two years after the pandemic boosted usage of the operating system. Microsoft originally planned to release Windows 10X on dual-screen devices, but after announcing the “return of the PC” at the start of the pandemic, it brought back Windows 10X as Windows 11.

And you?

What has been your experience with managing updates since the launch of Windows 10?
How do you welcome the news of a possible return to the formula of releasing a new version of the operating system every three years? What do you expect exactly?
Have you tested Linux since the release of Windows 10? What are your reasons for encouraging others to move to this operating system? What reasons would you recommend against Linux?

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