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To combat harassment, Valorant online game will record audio discussions

To combat harassment, Valorant online game will record audio discussions

The audio exchanges of players whose abusive behavior has been reported by the moderators of the online video game will be analyzed. These documents will be used as items to give feedback to players.

Riot Games Studio, the origin of online games league of legendsannounced new measures to combat harmful behavior in its online game brave , It was released in June 2020. This shooter game, a year after its release, has amassed 14 million players, according to figures provided by the studio.

Thanks to this new device, the studio will have access to audio exchanges between players. When someone sends a report of abusive behavior (harassment, insult), moderators will be able to listen to their audio feedback in order to take action. This device was announced on April 30, 2021, but has not yet been published, even in its beta version.

studio chest Press release on June 24 She indicated that the tests were finally about to begin.

In order to respect personal data, the platform will use the data only in the context of the dispute, indicating that it will delete it upon its termination.

“This update to our Privacy Policy should allow us to evaluate voice data passing through Riot Games Channels. […] If a violation is detected, we will take the necessary measures. And when the data is brought to the attention of the player concerned, and it is no longer useful, it will be deleted from our database,” Riot Games details in Note posted in 30 April 2021.

real problem

Data logging will also, in this context, provide realistic feedback to players penalized for bad behavior.

“Malicious behavior via voice chat is a real problem for many of our players. And we believe one way to combat it is to be able to provide quick and effective ways to report abuse or harassment, so we know when to act,” the studio says.

Before launching its device, Riot Games will first train its AI starting July 13 on US game servers. So the recordings will no longer be used to detect abusive behaviour. No date has been set for its official release or expansion in other countries.

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Unprecedented action

“We know that before we can deploy this tool, we need to make sure it’s effective. And if errors do occur, we have systems in place to make sure we can correct them,” the company specifies.

This is the first time that a multiplayer video game has taken such anti-harassment measures on its platform. In addition, there are other games from Riot Games, such as which are very popular league of legendsare not affected by this procedure.

Online video game harassment is such a disaster that studios are taking action. Besides simple reporting, players can, for example, block other players with abusive behavior – which doesn’t stop them, however, from cracking down again. The Xbox system is also done by Microsoft This is called the “reputation” system.which indicates a player has received many reports.