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Time to start holiday shopping

Time to start holiday shopping

Empty shelves and out of stock may be a common occurrence as the holiday season approaches due to the global production and shipping crunch.

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Although merchants do their best to ensure that their products are received, consumers may encounter surprises while shopping for Christmas.

About twelve months ago, the whole aspect of purchases became a major issue. And then, by working hard with all of our teams, our franchisor, etc., we came up with a more than acceptable picture, which is really almost complete,” explains Martin Boucher, Group Chairman and CEO, Butcher Sports.

The latter worked hard to fill the shelves in time for the opening of a new store.

So as not to be surprised, many experts advise consumers to start holiday shopping now.

The coming months could be challenging for the supply of goods, particularly due to the increase in delivery costs and the slowdown in production at some factories linked to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Martin Boucher also plans to run into some trouble next year.

“We anticipate challenges that could be a little bit bigger on the other hand for 2022,” he says.

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