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TikTok tests the history of previously watched videos

TikTok will soon integrate the history of the videos the user has already watched. Useful tool to find a video you didn’t like or didn’t save.

Credits: Unsplash

tik tok, The application that surpassed Google in number of visits in 2021It continues to develop new features for its users. Recently, The social network has extended the maximum length of videos. Gone are the 3-minute videos, and now users can create much longer content, Between 5 and 10 minutes of their choice.

However, as our colleagues from TechCrunch tell us, TikTok is currently testing an entirely new practical feature. In fact, The application will soon make it easier to find the videos that the user has already watched. As you understand, social networking teams are working on a file View the history of the inserted content In the “For You” brief.

Thanks to this tool, you will be able to get your hands on videos with a few clicks that you didn’t like by chance, for example. If you are a regular TikTok user, you know that there are actually ways to browse your TikTok video history, but they are not really convenient and intuitive.

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TikTok wants to make searches for previously watched videos easier

One such method is to go to the Discover page, hit search, enter an asterisk, and then activate the “Watch videos” option on the search filters tab. On the contrary, Accessing new viewing history will be much easiers, where it is enough to go to the application settings to consult it.

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Currently, this feature is in Test session with a small group of users. In fact, it is impossible to know at the moment when TikTok will decide to release this tool to the general public. The company did not provide details regarding a possible launch date. “We are always thinking of new ways to add value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience.” A spokesperson for the social network said.

Reminder, TikTok is one of the only social networks still available in Russia. however, The app is deprived of 95% of its content, especially country users no longer have the right to create new videos. The app took the step after Russia passed its disinformation law, which provides harsh prison sentences for anyone who makes statements that differ from the Kremlin version.

source: Take Crunch