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TikTok lets you create custom animated avatars

TikTok lets you create custom animated avatars

To fit in with its competitors, TikTok has just launched a new fun function. You can now create an animated, custom avatar that mimics your facial expressions to include in your videos.

After its competitors from Apple, FB And Snapchat, TikTok is in turn launching a function to create your own animated avatar. It must be said that competition is fierce between the various social networks, which must show constant creativity to renew themselves and satisfy their communities. So, a few weeks ago, tik tok He extended the maximum length of his videos from 3 to 10 minutes: a way to offer creators more field of view and, above all, to increase the resulting advertising revenue. Instagram was very responsive, Extend the duration of his reels 60 to 90 seconds.

To remain competitive, you have to continually improve, even if it means drawing inspiration from your competitors. TikTok has just added the ability to create personalized and animated avatars, reminiscent of those of its competitors, with Apple’s Memoji that also allows the avatar to interact according to facial expressions, Facebook and Bitmoji avatars. snap chat, by cartoonish and cartoonish style. However, TikTok avatars differ because the social network incorporates a thumbnail mode that allows its animated version to be used in any video, thanks to the clip overlay. By copying their main functionality, the various platforms seek to attract new users while maintaining their existing community.

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Unique avatars for more inclusiveness

If you are offered many pre-defined templates if you are not very inspired, you can fully customize your avatar by drawing from “A wide range of hairstyles, accessories, piercings and makeup, to create a tik tok selfie that reflects your personal look and style.‘, as the Chinese giant explains in a file Official statement. Thus, the company wants to offer a comprehensive and as representative functionality as possible to its users. “Whether it’s clothing, skin tones, hair color or texture, creating holistic features and experiences remains our priority.confirms the Asian company.

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Once your creation is complete, you can record a video of your avatar which will track your movements and facial expressions. This is a new way to communicate without having to show your true face. You will be able to use your avatar, a nickname, as well as the audio effects already available to share your content anonymously. You can adjust its size and position it where you want it in the image. You can also change her expression to reflect your current mood. Of course, this is only the first version of this animation and the developers will continue to improve the option to represent all users. TikTok is currently working on an option to insert a thumbnail version of an avatar into a video.

How do you create your own TikTok avatar?

Obviously, the creation of a TikTok avatar takes place on the mobile application. Here’s how to get your profile picture.

► Open the TikTok app, then tap the icon + publish, At the bottom of the screen to access the video creation tools.

► Tap the icon effects, bottom left.

The effects library is shown in a panel at the bottom.

► Select tab symbol picture, represented by a square symbol with two three-dimensional faces. If you can’t find it, feel free to type your avatar in the tab Searchrepresented by a small magnifying glass.

► A gallery with faces appears in the banner. Click on one of the models (Templates) offered or create your own by clicking + newfar left.

► A new window opens. Click on Model to customize it.

► Your model’s face looks great. Tap on an item (hair, eye, mouth, nose, etc.) to modify it using a panel that appears at the bottom, with shapes and colors in it. You can scroll through the items arranged in tabs to see more.

When you are satisfied with the result, press the button to the end in the upper right to save your avatar so you can use it in your videos.

There you go, you can now have fun with your avatar! You can even associate a sound effect with it later among the various suggestions when shooting a video.

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