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TikTok launches new software to enable live game streaming

TikTok wants to tackle Twitch and is releasing a new computer program to enable live streaming of video games.

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TikTok // Source: Pixabay

For two years, if there is one social network that has succeeded in doing this, it is TikTok. Despite accusations of espionage and Service dismantling in the United StatesThe social network continues to grow, particularly thanks to its addiction algorithm, to say the least. So much so that many platforms have gradually taken inspiration from TikTok to offer it Video scrolling vertically.

This time, it’s TikTok’s turn to take inspiration from other online video services like YouTube, Facebook, but above all, Twitch. As mentioned the edgeThe social network has just launched a new program for PC, called TikTok Live Studio. Discovered by journalist Zach Posey, this software will actually be used to manage scenes, access chat and Live video broadcast on TikTok.

It is very basic in its current state.

Contains landscape and portrait scenes.

Sources include Game Capture, Mobile Capture, Video Capture, Program Capture, and some text/images. No browser sources, or alerts.

Emojis are limited to those stocks.

– Zach Bussey (@zachbussey) December 15 2021

Screenshots uploaded by Zach Bussey allow you to discover the program’s interface, with scene management on the left, video preview in the middle and chatting on the right. Among the scenes, we can see that TikTok Live Studio allows adding up to ten sources including a webcam and video game, but also the full screen of one’s computer, images, text or smartphone screen. The program will also make it possible to configure the quality of the video stream with the definition, the number of images per second, the bit rate of the video and audio or the codecs used.

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Chat moderation can also be done directly from TikTok Live Studio with the ability to activate live donations, comments or add words that will be automatically filtered by the social network.

The program is still limited to a few thousand users

However, at present, TikTok Live Studio is not available to all users of the platform. The download page redirects to the main page of the social network. In response to a question from Zach Bussey, Tiktok indicates that the program is currently only offered “A few thousand users in certain countries”. It is not yet clear whether the program will eventually be rolled out to all users of the service.

Concretely, it now appears that TikTok’s idea is to allow users to easily manage live broadcasts from a dedicated program on a PC, as offered for example by Twitch with Twitch Studio. As The Verge reminds us, managing live videos on TikTok has already been offered on third-party software such as OBS, StreamLabs or Xsplit, but only by invitation, with limited functionality. By directly managing the live broadcast, TikTok intends to ensure optimal management of the features offered.

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