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TikTok gets customizable gifs


The short video app has launched similar functions to Apple’s Snapchat’s Bitmojis and Memojis.

The new feature allows you to display yourself as an avatar.

The new feature allows you to display yourself as an avatar.


tik tok announce A new tool supposed to “enhance creative expression” on its platform. Dubbed TikTok Avatars, the new feature will allow users of the short video app to appear as an animated avatar that tracks facial movements and expressions. TikTok said in a statement that its appearance can be customized by users “to reflect their personal appearance and style.” An extension reminiscent of Snapchat’s Bitmojis or Apple’s Memojis.

Available in the Effects section, the avatar filter offers a series of ready-to-use templates that can be modified. It is also possible to start from scratch by choosing the appearance of the different parts of the face and any accessories such as earrings, glasses or headgear. Besides various sound effects, TikTok has also introduced a mini version of avatars that can be placed on videos.

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The social network that started testing recently Distraction-free interface and invest in video game field, says it developed these avatars with special attention to inclusivity so that all users are represented. “We will continue to listen to our community and seek the contributions of creators at every stage of development. In addition to user feedback, we are working with our Creative Diversity Collective to make this experience as inclusive and representative as possible for our community.”


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