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TikTok: Couch found on the street for over $10,500

An American young man who fell on a sofa worth more than $10,500 in the middle of a New York street set fire to the cloth by bringing it home, despite the warnings of many netizens.

“Rich people get rid of their furniture all the time because they buy new ones every two years. I saw the opportunity and took it,” defended American Amanda, whose video reached more than 61.5 million views in five days.

Last Sunday, the young woman shared a video in which she explained that she had found a blue sofa worth $8,000, the equivalent of more than $10,500, while she was walking down the middle of the street in New York.

She begged her father to come and take away the slightly tattered and stained sofa that was going to have a thorough cleaning before it was put into the apartment.

However, it didn’t take long for the video to get buried in the comments of netizens wondering why the couch was thrown off in the first place.

“I was only going to think about bugs,” I concluded at first, supported by many others.

Others criticized it instead for not hiring a professional cleaner to ensure the cleanliness of the sofa.

You may have to pay to have it professionally washed. “It will be worth it in my opinion,” said another netizen, whose comment has reached more than 61,000 “likes.”
“I’m sorry, but I would never bring a piece of furniture inside from outside. [de chez moi]A third commented.