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TikTok: A “fake” Starbucks opened in Algeria and spread widely

TikTok: A “fake” Starbucks opened in Algeria and spread widely

The sun is shining in Oran, Algeria, and early risers are smiling: Finally, a Starbucks has opened on the corner. Happy, they shared the news on social media, without realizing that they were in fact promoting the “fake” Starbucks, which quickly closed its doors, just as quickly as it opened.

And on Yasmine Abdel Fadil’s microphone on QUB Radio, M. said:H The least that can be said is that Chanel Alpine is returning to this strange situation.

“We must not believe the person who claims [être] A franchisee who does a marketing campaign about this will not be caught by Starbucks! They have done their homework,” emphasized the lawyer specializing in franchise and intellectual property law.

The “Almost” café finally closed its doors on Tuesday, after allegations against its owner. On social media, Salim Haffar claims that he obtained a license from senior officials to open a branch in Algeria.

According to him, the Starbucks manager informed him of the company’s “secret” recipes, which allowed him to pay for his license as soon as the establishment became profitable.

Obviously, Starbucks denied these statements and confirmed to X that it had not opened any branches in Algeria, which puts an end to the rumours.

Although Starbucks has not confirmed that it has taken legal action, the “fake” franchisee faces serious charges.

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