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Tickets in English have been paid for by Air Canada

Tickets in English have been paid for by Air Canada

Not only did Jose Kenny go through all the hardships in the world to be compensated for two plane tickets worth over $2,000 from Air Canada, but when Montrealer finally got an answer, it was written in English.

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“It really is a sundae sundae,” the person who addressed the company in French is offended.

MI Kenny had to work hard to get your money back. The problem was that when she applied for her travel credit in May, she didn’t get the credit slip.

Once the refund policy was put in place on April 13th, I wrote to the company several times. She spent 75 minutes on the phone before losing the line. Company rewritten. Time was running out, with Air Canada giving its customers two months to request reimbursement. And she desperately needs her own famous credit note to do so.

In the end, she got her credit slip, but in an email written in English, which she didn’t like at all. “I had a really unpleasant experience from the ground up,” she is frustrating.

Air Canada also extended its refund policy by one month on Thursday. Thus, customers now have until July 12th to claim their money back.

The airline said about 40% of eligible customers have requested refunds since April 13. Of that number, 92% of the applications submitted have been processed, a press release said.

Any order can be made online with the carrier or its travel agent.