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Tickets are available from 44 euros

Tickets are available from 44 euros

Eurostar connects the UK and Europe with its Eurostar high speed trains. The easing of travel restrictions in the UK has allowed Eurostar to record double bookings, with a 150% increase in weekend bookings in August and September compared to the same period last year. The operator has added “39 trains to travel between the UK and the mainland this month alone”. The period from 27th to 30th August is especially needed.

More flexibility for passengers

The transportation plan will also be updated from the beginning of the school year. From September 6 to November 1, eight daily return trips will be offered. Eurostar notes that “there are three trains on each of the Brussels-London route, one in each direction, one on each side of the Rotterdam and Amsterdam and five on each of the London-Paris route.”

The first train from Brussels at 9:57 am and the last train from London to Brussels at 6:04 pm offer more flexibility for passengers. Tickets will go on sale from 44 euros.

Eurostar still insists that the mask must be used on board trains and stations during epidemics, and reminds that a train journey saves up to 93% of CO2 compared to an equivalent aircraft.

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