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ThunderCon is back, which geeks are so happy about in Northern Ontario

ThunderCon is back, which geeks are so happy about in Northern Ontario

ThunderCon organizers have planned activities at various pavilions around a keyas well as in the parking lot.

It took a long time to prepare this.says Kevin Taylor, President of ThunderCon. There were times when I was worried we wouldn’t go back.

And confirms that the partners in the agreement, including a keyHe gave them a lot of support and showed them resilience.

A group preparing to provide combat demonstrations.

Photo: Radio Canada / Miguelle-Éloïse Lachance

Among the guests this year was Teddy Kellogg from the new series Star Trek : Strange New Worldsas well as actress from the movie Thunder Bay Lisa Marie DiGiacinto, who starred in the series Capital : Legends of Tomorrow.

It’s a fun weekend for people of all ages. We have actors, we have a fashion contest… says Marianne Wiley, one of the organization’s volunteers.

There are people who take a long time to build their costume. everyone takes”Personal Photos“As the world wears fashion, there are a lot of smiles. »

Quote from Marianne Wiley, ThunderCon volunteer

Mrs. Willie is pleased, among other things, with the presence of groups of Klingon, a fictional language belonging to the Star Trek universe, from northeastern Ontario.

She said that she is very popular with the audience.

Pierre Owlette, aka Klingon O’C’tav Drah’k’a, or Tav for short, traveled from Timmins for the fourth ThunderCon.

Tough missed the event, one of the best conferences of its kind in northern Ontario, he says.

ThunderCon is a place where people can come and feel comfortable, dress up or be whatever they want without being judged, without being ridiculed. It is a very welcoming place. It’s one of the reasons we come back every year. »

Quote from Tuff, member of Crimson Dawn, Timmins’ Klingon “ship”

It’s interesting how ThunderCon brings together people with a wide variety of interests, whether it’s board games, fashion, animation, Star Wars or something else.For his part, said Hudson Morach of the board games company inside games.

The event was a success according to one of the other sellers, Wayne Pettit.

He says he made a profit from the small table he rented to sell on Saturdays.

With information from CBC News