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Throw everything away and start over

Throw everything away and start over

During the Conservative Party Conference British This Monday, October 3, Michelle Donnellan, the new Secretary of State for Digital, delivered the keynotes. Intended to replace future text General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. An announcement was greeted with a certain coolness by the local press, the project now resembled a sea serpent and the talk was a political coup.

The Conservatives are proposing a ‘reinstatement’ of the GDPR

In June 2022, the UK digital sector He gave a speech to reform the current law on data protectionAs a result of GDPR. In a dramatic turn of events, the legislative process was interrupted the day after Lis Truss installed a new Conservative government, as it was due to be examined in a second reading by Parliament on 5 September..

Four months later, the text pushed by Boris Johnson’s cabinet, where Liz Truss worked, Michelle Donelan, the new digital secretary, is not even quotedHis Speech.

However, what Michael Donnellan hasn’t forgotten is GDPR. A data regulation Derived from the European Union “WHO” Size “Because of the ability of British companies” Its bureaucratic nature “. the new minister promised on stage. We are going to replace GDPR with our own UK-based, business-friendly and consumer-friendly data protection system. “.

State Secretary This new law ” Simplification » GDPR. The latter is safer while conforming to the European textcondition No To maintain data exchanges on both sides of the channel.

The European Union ruled in 2021 British law provided adequate protection To enable data transfer. The continent has warned that it will fully review the position in 2025 and could reverse its position by then.

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This is one of the main points of concern in the United Kingdom, losing this status with the Union. Labor MP Chris Bryant put it bluntly ForbesHis doubt It is heresy. UK businesses still need to comply with GDPR if they want to trade online in the EU. A UK differential would therefore mean double the cost to the UK “.

Data Management in the UK: Just an Electoral Opportunity?

Michael Donnellan wanted to declare that he was inspired by the text of the agreement with the European Union on the exchange of data in all countries, be it Israel, Japan, South Korea, Canada or New Zealand.

The show was well received by the public TechCrunch. The US media also did not fail to notice Michelle Donnell’s passing of pro-Brexit clichés. : Using very uncertain statistics on the negative impact of GDPR on the profits of British companies, an example of a church not being able to send a newsletter to its parishioners because of GDPR…

So much rhetorical effort to seem like a sword in the water. British general elections are held every eighteen months at most. This is a short deadline to get a chance to pass the GDPR Sas Brexit Parliament. When the Conservatives are in a bad position in the polls, it is an opportunity to attack the European bureaucracy and defend the idea of ​​”Exit”.