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Three journalists from La Presse compete in the Dynasty Gala

Three journalists from Journalism They compete for the Gala Dynastie, which rewards cultural and media excellence for Quebec’s black community.

Culture reporter Marisa Groget and New York correspondent Richard Hito are finalists in the Print Journalist of the Year category.

Isabelle Masset, as a business journalist for more than 10 years, has been nominated for this award. Since September, she has been chair of the Department of Art and Being.

Photo by Sarah Mungo Birkett, Press Archives

Richard Hitto, New York correspondent for The Washington Post Journalism

Vice President of Information and Associate Editor JournalismFrançois Cardinale confirmed these many choices, which were revealed on Wednesday.

I would like to congratulate all of the Gala Dynastie finalists, and I am proud to see that many journalists come from Journalism. These appointments demonstrate our commitment to increasing diversity within our newsroom.

François Cardinale, Vice President of Information and Assistant Editor Journalism

He added, “We have many initiatives in this direction, such as La Presse’s various training programs, which returned for the seventh edition this year, and regular meetings with the Group of Thirty, a program that aims to inspire a diverse succession in governance.” Mr. Cardinal.

Photo by Bernard Brault, Press Archives

Isabelle Masset, Chair of the Arts and Existence Department Journalism

Since 2016, Gala Dynastie has honored artists and media personalities from black communities.

At the head of the race, Sarahmée, Corneille and Pierre Kwenders each won two selections in the musical categories. Several rising music stars are also among the finalists, including Zach Zoya, MikeZup, Skiifall, and Naomi.

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In the comedy, Richardson’s Zephyr, Brich, and newcomer Ty TL are all vying for the title of comedian of the year. Actors Frédéric Pierre, Mireille Metellus and Didier Lucien also qualified for the finals.

In the media, columnist V.N Must Emily Nicholas and Communications Strategist Martine St. Victor, who works for Radio Canada and Journalismwill claim the title of Print Opinion Editor of the Year.

Finally, the audience is asked to choose this year’s Gala Dynastie character out of all the finalists. Honorees will also go to journalist Raymond Laurent, host Rebecca Makonnen and tap dancer Ethel Bruno.

The awards ceremony will take place on the 30th and 1st of MarchVerse April in separate celebrations, hosted by Al Naadi and Khatib.