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Thousands of opponents of health measures on the streets of Montreal

Thousands of opponents of health measures on the streets of Montreal

Protesters gathered at about 1:30 p.m. in front of the Jay Favreau compound, downtown, where Health Canada’s offices are located in the capital. Then they stormed Saint Laurent Avenue to reach Gary Park.

Participants in this event entitled My body is my choice I mention, among other things, the fact that the number of reported cases is declining in the county at the moment and that intensive care is no longer overcrowded.

Some claim freedom of choice regarding mask wear and vaccination. Others call this an epidemic Masquerade or Conspiracy.

Where is the science behind mask-wearing in community settings? We still don’t have any data on this. And where is the science behind the curfews we have imposed all this time? asks a protester.

People gathered to demonstrate.

In the crowd were people of all ages, young, old, and retired.

Photo: The Canadian Press/Graham Hughes

Another participant demanded a real social discussion: We would like to have a public debate. This is why we fight. We have our own specialists and doctors too.

The demonstrators marched without a mask and without respecting physical distancing. shrieked like Freedom And the Wake up Montreal.

On the sign, you can read slogans like Stop the unexplained health emergencyAnd the My health, my choice, my right, or, Jaw, you’re cooked.

We could see the Quebec, Acadia and Patriot flags flying. It all happened peacefully and ended around 5:30 pm in Gary’s Park.

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The demonstration took place almost quietlyAccording to a public relations official from the Montreal City Police Department (SPVM), who should be able to file a report by early evening.

With information from Louis de Belval