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Thousands of exploited microworkers earn less than 5 euros an hour

Thousands of exploited microworkers earn less than 5 euros an hour

According to someone The study was released Saturday Through the autonomy and relay of the think tank DefenderBased on thousands of “digital microworkers” UK It costs 4 4 or less than 4. 4.64 an hour. However, from April 1, 2022, the Salary The total hourly minimum for employees over the age of 23 across the channel is 11.47 euros.

Simple and difficult tasks

According to Researchers The University of Exeter and the London School of Economics, which conducted the study, found that microworkers generally use simple tasks such as detecting images, captioning images, enhancing digital traffic by clicking on ads, or data entry. .

This uncontrolled work erupted on the internet with the epidemic as people were forced to work from home. According to a survey of 1,189 UK-based microworkers, nearly two-thirds said they earned less than £ 4. 95% believe they are paid less than the UK minimum wage.

Unrestricted structures

According to our colleagues, most of the microworkers in the world come from India, Kenya and Venezuela. They number in the millions. But in the context of inflation, some Britons are also attracted by this meager salary.

Following the release of this investigation, the Autonomous Director of Research called on the British government to provide thousands of micro-workers with protection or regulatory framework, to pay less than the minimum wage and to exploit them.

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