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Thousands of Australians protest against the vaccine

Sydney, Australia | AFP | Saturday 11/02/2022 – Following the example of similar rallies around the world, thousands of protesters marched on Parliament through the Australian capital, Canberra, on Saturday, condemning the obligation to vaccinate against Govt-19.

Protesters gathered, some with their children, outside Parliament, sometimes waving the Australian red flag, a version of the Australian flag with a red background associated with the ‘Sovereign Citizens’ movement’ which believes national laws do not apply to them.

According to the police, they said 10,000 demonstrators, “generally good behavior”, the police spokesman made three arrests.

Australia has a double immunization rate of 94% for those over 16 years of age.

Vaccination is not mandatory, but it is necessary to enter the country and work in continuous occupations that are considered to be at risk, such as caring for the elderly.

Some Australian states, such as New South Wales, have begun to relax the rules for proof of vaccination for entry into liquor stores, restaurants or shops.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who is due to call a general election in mid-May, has urged protesters to remain calm.

“My message to them today is that Australia is a free country and they have the right to protest, and I urge them to do so in a peaceful and dignified manner,” Mr Morrison told reporters.

But the prime minister said he wanted to make it “very clear” that the federal government only supported duties related to older workers, disabled workers and those working in high-risk health conditions.

“All other duties related to vaccination are unilaterally imposed by the State Governments,” the Prime Minister added. “So I understand their concerns on these issues.”

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The anti-vaccine bass rally continued to be the fifth day of the New Zealand parliament in Wellington, where protesters and police faced one another in the rain.

The movement of truck drivers in Canada, which blocked the main bridge between their country and the United States, attracted world attention and was followed.

Thousands of people flocked to Paris on Friday in hopes of besieging the capital for a fight against the vaccine pass in France.