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Thomas Pesquet, From Space to Earth

tHomas Pesquet has spent nearly a year in space. From the International Space Station (ISS), observe and photograph Tangible effects of climate change on the planet. In a documentary broadcast on Tuesday, April 25th on France 2, French astronaut This time, he kept his feet on the ground and set out to meet climate change specialists, from whom he was a distant spectator. He takes the opportunity to compare his “global” perception of the Earth with that of actors in the field.

On the International Space Station, we can see and feel everything that is happening on our planet.says Thomas Pesquet. He tells how he saw Hurricanes form in the Atlantic Ocean south of the equator and hit the West Indies: “We are aware that a machine of destruction is being created,” he testified.

Back to his old high school

The documentary takes him out to sea with the boatman Thomas Covell, but also in Normandy, at his uncle’s farm, or even at his old high school, at Dieppe, where rising waters are already having tangible consequences.“The road that runs along the cliff for 300 meters has been diverted by the water eating away the chalkhe explains. This is likely to happen more and more on the coast. Even high school will be threatened one day…”

Documentary of his discovery from 9:10 pm in France 2.

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