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This victim of a scammer attacks the series and Netflix

A few days ago, we told you about the past Success from the broadcast platform Netflix with his chain Anna’s creationafter I created real uproar in the Google search engine. However, if the series She managed to conquer many fans, and some people didn’t appreciate her at all Adaptation from this story.

A fancy adaptation of “a little”?

The new Netflix series, released on February 11, 2022, chronicles the rise and fall of fraudster Anna Delphi, real name Anna Sorokin.. She played Julia Garner, having recently starred in the series Ozark. Anna’s creation tell The true story of Sorokin/Delvey, a young woman who has managed to defraud the entire elite of New York by pretending to be a wealthy heiress..

Sorokin’s story was first shown to the public in an article by Jessica Pressler at New York Magazine in 2018. This article forms the basis of the series Anna’s creationwith Anna Klumsky playing a light-hearted, fantasy version of Preisler, renamed Vivien Kent. We also find Rachel Williamswho worked for Vanity Fair At the time, who was shocked to find out her character adaptation and storyline in the series.

Williams first appears in Episode VI, played by Katie Louise.The series chronicles the disastrous vacation the real-life Williams took with Sorokin in 2017. She was then a photojournalist for Vanity Fair When I befriended Sorokin. She then recounts her journey in detail in a 2018 Vanity Fair article titled “My Flashing Lights Adventure with the Wizard of Manhattan” And also in the 2019 book, my friend.

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In an article published this week before Time MagazineAnd the Williams explained that she “did not participate in the show.”. She said:

She learned with everyone else that she would star as Katie Louise as a character named “Rachel”, described by Netflix as a “follower whose blind love for Anna almost destroyed her job, her savings, and her life. But if her relationship with Anna is also her greatest regret, the woman she became thanks to Anna” Perhaps Anna’s greatest innovation.”

glorify a criminal?

Williams has made it clear that she expects there will be times when her experience will be filmed It will make her “uncomfortable”. And while she knew that she would have limited control over how the show portrayed her character, She said she found the Netflix description really “shocking”. Then the journalist quoted one sentence in particular, “The woman who became thanks to Anna,” saying: “These [quelques] Small words, in one fell swoop, stripped me of my work, my accomplishments, and my truth.”

Are we supposed to believe that the woman I became was not because of the parents who raised me, or the love I share with family and friends, or my own efforts or self-realization, but thanks to Anna?

Later in the article, Williams criticizes the media’s portrayal of the real Sorokinthrough “frighteningly friendly interviews in which I attempted to pass on criminal behavior as a form of fine art”.

As Williams’ article in Vanity Fair And as the series reflects Anna’s creationAnd the The reporter was pushed to pay the bill for the lavish vacation after Sorokin said she had problems with her bank. The latter then assured him that she would be fully compensated upon their return.

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Calculations result: Williams paid at least $62,000which Sorokin practically did not repay. Meanwhile, Sorokin received nearly $350,000 in total from Netflix For the right to adapt his life story (although much of it has been frozen so that victims of his crimes can file suits to assert their rights).

Williams then denounced the fact that Sorokin was paid for his story, But also how the media got hold of the storyIn glorifying the character and therefore the person behind it.