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This man has 400 cars and 60 motorcycles in his garage!

This man has 400 cars and 60 motorcycles in his garage!

At the head of one of Europe's largest classic car collections, English businessman Rodger Dudding has something to talk about.

The Studio434 collection continues to grow over the years. mistake Rodger Dowding's passionan English businessman decided to buy no less than 450 classic cars Over the past six decades. This is theOne of the most diverse car collections in the world. More than just a collection, it is A real museum Which this famous inventor was able to build.

12,000 private parking spaces and car chaos

It is difficult for him to remember all of his many classic vehicles and motorcycles (60). But this English millionaire knows this His loot is priceless. Last I heard, he had £40 million, but the account has since been lost due to the size of his Dantesque collection.

Successful inventor

This car collector first became known thanks to a genius idea: a queue management system. He invented the machine that distributes tickets Which allows you to stand in lines without hassle in the supermarket, for example. Building on this first success, he was able to invest in parking lots, and now has 12,000 of them.

So his wealth was built around a project that was beneficial to society. Then he managed to do it Develop your personal wealth And invest in the cars of his choice. His love for cars comes from his father who gave him Morris Minor in 1952. He also admits that this car remains his favorite car in his collection. With her and 1968 Jensen Interceptor FF Where he begins his collection, which is the largest privately owned collection of old and new classic cars in the United Kingdom. Its oldest vehicles date back to 1911 (A Vulcan Tourer) and the latest from 2017 (A Rolls Royce Wraith), which allows us to trace a vehicle's history through a wide range of cars. We also find a Lagonda 4 seriesOnly 645 copies of Aston Martin were made Hispano Suizaa Ferrari 246 Dino coupe from 1970a 1955 Ferrari F355 GTS And one Jaguar E type S1 Roadster from 1961.

And you? Which one do you prefer?

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