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This legislation would allow Australia to reduce its GHG emissions by 43%

This legislation would allow Australia to reduce its GHG emissions by 43%

Australia recently passed its first major climate change bill in more than a decade. The plan includes a range of objectives, including cutting its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by nearly half by 2030. However, while the move is more ambitious than the previous government, some observers believe there is still work to be done.

Real climate goals will come later

In Australia, the new centre-left government in power wants to keep one of its election promises. mentioned as ABC News In an article from September 8, 2022, Australia wants a high-carbon economy reducing its GHG emissions by 43% – by 2030 – compared to 2005 rates. The current government presents the plan as the end of a decade of inaction in the country on climate change. Naturally, the text of the law branded for this purpose won wide support among trade unions and some economic circles.

Remember that Australia is one of the largest exporters of coal and natural gas in the world. However, the country has been slow to actually set climate targets. However, Australia is already experiencing the effects of climate changeEspecially regular bushfires and increasingly frequent and violent floods.

A size that is not strong enough for some

According to Australian environmentalists, the text is very disappointing. However, the current objective is more ambitious than the previous government’s target of reducing emissions by 26 to 28% by 2030. New coal and gas projects. For former Australian rugby international David Pocock – turned senator – the 43% emissions reduction target is not enough, although it is a good start.

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Let’s reminisce over it 2019-2020 fire caused 5.8 million hectares of forest loss. The disaster caused a huge plume of smoke Ozone hole over Antarctica was significantly affected.

Credit: EOSDIS Worldview

But what is Australia’s problem? The fact is that fossil fuels like coal and gas They are leading in the economy. Therefore, any pro-environmental political action turns out to be very delicate. And you should know it Climate skepticism abounds In Australia, even at the top of the state. Recently, some senators expressed their opinion Doubts about human origins Global warming.