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This is the first two-way solar powered charger for electric vehicle

An American company launches a solar charging station for electric vehicles. It produces energy to power a vehicle, as well as a home or electrical grid.

california corporation, tasty Launches an electric vehicle charger that combines the utmost in virtuous technologies in one ThemeTheme toEcologyEcology and performance. This magical barrier draws him energyenergy Solar Panels. They can deliver up to 25 kW of load, direct currentdirect currentThree times faster than a conventional charger. To achieve this, rather than having to convert a Alternating currentAlternating current (AC) from the direct current (DC) segment of electric vehicle charging, the station remains in direct current.

Transformation is only used to obtain higher power output. This avoids power loss from this AC to DC conversion. The economy in this would be 13% according to the manufacturer. An economy thus makes it possible to make gains SpeedSpeed load and force.

Less losses, more power

The station is also bi-directional with what are known as V2H and V2G capabilities. In other words, it can supply the network if needed or help make the house more independent from an energy point of view. When the power is enough in the electric car, it is the car on the other hand that brings the power to the house via This station. This set of technologies will be the first in the world.

As always, this 25 kW remains eligible, as we don’t really know if solar panelsolar panel It makes it possible to save enough kWh to be able to deliver at the required time.

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The Enteligent EV Quick Charger charges using solar energy and, according to the manufacturer, charges three times faster than Level 2 AC EV chargers. English). © Intelligent