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This is the end of one of the letters in "Alerts"

This is the end of one of the letters in “Alerts”

One of the actors of the series Alerts He announced that his adventure in the show would soon end.

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This is Frédéric Millaire Zouvi, who revealed on his Instagram that it was all over because of his character Agent Manuel Audet, when he just participated in his last photoshoot on the set.

The main interested party took the opportunity to thank the entire cast of the show, more specifically fellow gamer Mylène St-Sauveur, who plays Lily-Rose Bernard.

This is what he said:

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Another on the Audet agent block.
Thanks to all the beautiful humans @alerts. official. This violent, polarizing, harsh, and often uncomfortable plot has taught me a lot. Talking about sexual assault is not easy, but it is necessary.
hats off to @employeeAnd the partner of infinite generosity.
See you soon ✌️,” the comedian wrote.

Many of his subscribers commented that they would miss his character, which viewers loved to hate.

In fact, remember that in AlertsManuel Odette assaulted his co-worker, Lily-Rose Bernard. However, while audiences may have thought, on a recent episode, that it was the end of Lily-Rose in the post, When she mentioned her desire to leave the team In order not to rub against his attacker any more, we understand here through Frederick Miller Zoffi’s publication that it is his character who is leaving.

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Now that Lily-Rose is confident in herself for the first time since the events, will she finally denounce her attacker? That’s what we hope!

Meanwhile, you can still see Frédéric Millaire Zouvi at 5e Rank.

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