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This beloved actor is leaving "Les bracelets rouges" and here is his replacement

This beloved actor is leaving “Les bracelets rouges” and here is his replacement

Shock for fans of the series red bracelets: Comedian Noah Parker will not be returning for next season. However, Justin’s character will be there.

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As announced by, actor Noah Parker will not find the character of Justin, the young man who has had leg cancer brought to the Hôpital de la Rive. It was a scheduling conflict that led to this decision being made for him, which we saw too six degrees, by Simon Poliris. We do not yet know the project behind this withdrawal.

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Who will play Justin?

We’ll still be able to see the character evolution of Justin Boldock, who left the hospital at the end of season one and is gradually resuming a romantic relationship with another member of the Bracelets, Flavy Ranger, translated by Audrey Roger. Actor Antoine Liquiere will play the role.

Eric Mayer

Antoine has been known as an actor for a long time. The 25-year-old has been on our screens since 2007 already. We saw it in the series JeremiahAnd the the brainAnd the foreverAnd the Victor Lisard And last winter in the mini-series my son.

Second major alternative

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Director Jan England, who was behind the camera for the first season of the Quebec adaptation The red bracelets I had to drop the series, also due to scheduling conflicts. Nor do we know the projects that prompted him to such a decision.

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It is director Benoit Bellon who carries the torch to continue the adventures of the Red Bracelets Gang.

What we know about the second season of red bracelets

be careful, spoilers!

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Season one ended with Flavi Ranger (Audrey Roger) being discharged from the Hôpital de la Rive after staying there due to an eating disorder that was getting worse. Kevin (Etienne Galloway) was living with his grandfather, Justin Bolduc (Noah Parker) was starting to skate again with a new prosthetic leg, Lou (Melia Corbel-Geufro) was struggling to recover from a kidney transplant and Felix (Anthony Terrain) was at the end of the rope with chemotherapy.

We’ll also have the evolution of Albert (the owner of Papin), who has finally awakened from a five-month coma.

You can watch season 2 of The red bracelets From Tuesday January 10 at 8 pm on TVA.

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