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Third dose at the end of symptoms: "Not really helpful," says microbiologist

Third dose at the end of symptoms: “Not really helpful,” says microbiologist

The recommendation by the National Institute of Public Health in Quebec that citizens infected with COVID-19 be vaccinated once symptoms have passed has not been unanimous among experts.

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Instead, Dr. Carl Weiss, a specialist in microbiology and infectious diseases at the Jewish General Hospital, believes that this dose will not add additional protection for those who have just battled the virus.

“I don’t think it’s really helpful to do that kind of thing because first of all, what’s happening right now is Omicron. If you’ve just had COVID, it’s Omicron, so you have protection against this variant which will last for a few months,” the specialist explains.

According to him, the booster dose for those who have contracted COVID-19 can only be given within a few months to strengthen their immune system.

Listen to the interview with Benoit Barbeau, virologist and professor of biological sciences at UQAM:

“There is no indication to go and vaccinate these people, on the contrary, I think these people are protected for a few months and I am one of those who said that even if you already have COVID, you should get a booster shot,” Dr. Weiss says.

However, the doctor remembers that it is very important to be vaccinated and receive the booster shot if you have not recently had COVID-19.

“The third dose is what allows us to prevent ourselves from getting seriously ill, to avoid hospitalization, and not necessarily infection. You may catch COVID, friends, you will have very few symptoms that you barely know,” he says.

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Listen to Richard Martineau’s interview with retired virologist Jacques LaPierre on QUB Radio: