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Things get more complicated for Kaprizov

Things get more complicated for Kaprizov

Minnesota Wild’s star Kirill Kaprizov’s stance tends to bring issues surrounding Russian-born players to the fore in the National Hockey League next season.

According to the last details, it was also possible to return Kaprizov, twice instead of once, at US customs. However, the main reason will be related to obtaining a work visa, according to Sports sports media revealedFriday evening.

Kaprizov, who could have been returned to Russia, would nevertheless find himself in a complicated situation, as he had not fulfilled his military obligations to his country.

“We probably don’t have all the details about what’s happening in Russia and the relationship between each player and the government,” Commissioner Gary Pittman briefly commented earlier this week on the sidelines of the National Hockey League draft held in Montreal. We will respect the ongoing process. I don’t think it’s a good idea, either for us or the teams, to get involved in political issues and what’s happening in Russia.”

So many rumors

Since the beginning of the month, the case of young goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov, hopeful of the Philadelphia Flyers, has made headlines. He was reportedly sent to a military base in Severodvinsk after being intercepted in Russia, where he was preparing to cross into North America to pursue his hockey career. Then his lawyer argued that Fedotov suffered a strange poisoning the day after his arrest, forcing him to be transferred to a hospital center.

In the case of Kaprizov, everything indicates that he is safe. However, Kaprizov would be in the crosshairs of the Russian authorities because he was to leave his country of origin after, in 2017, he obtained a forged military card.

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“I have spoken with his agent. We are trying to gather as much information as we can. General Manager of Wildlife Bill Guerin replied, I don’t even know how true these rumors are. All I am trying to do is gather information without pressing the panic button.”

In short, if rumors are numerous, then the situation of many Russian hockey players seems complicated in the context of the invasion of Ukraine.

25 Russians have been drafted

Despite the circumstances, 25 Russian players have been selected in the past few days during the NHL Draft. However, only six of them were selected in the first two rounds.

Defenseman Pavel Mintyukov, who played for the Saginaw Spirit last season of the Ontario Hockey League, was the first Russian to be called up. The Anaheim Ducks drafted him 10th overall. He is followed by Ivan Miroshchenko (20th by the Washington Capitals), Danila Yurov (24th by Minnesota Wild), Artem Duda (36th by the Arizona Coyotes), Dmitriy Pushelnikov (52nd by the Detroit Red Wings), and Gleb Trichozov ( 60th place via Carolina). Tornadoes).