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They took up arms on their honeymoon

They took up arms on their honeymoon

Ukrainian citizens Yarina Arieva and Svyatoslav Fursin, who married a few hours after Russia began its conquest, spent their honeymoon stocking up on weapons to defend themselves.

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The couple, who were the first to wed in May, stepped up at the ceremony due to the instability in the country and not knowing what the future holds.

Yarina Arieva and Svyatoslav Fursin were recruited into the Regional Defense Forces, a branch of the Ukrainian Armed Forces consisting mainly of volunteers.

Once armed, the couple headed to the office of their political party, the European Solidarity Union.

“Now we are here and we are doing everything we can. There is a lot of work to be done, but I still hope that everything will be fine,” said Yarina Arieva, adding that some civilians who are not part of the defense forces also received weapons. .

“There are places you can get, and just sign the papers. So you can protect your country,” she said.

“This is the current situation.”

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