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They find a poisonous snake in their salad

They find a poisonous snake in their salad

On their way back from the Aldi supermarket, an Australian couple found a live snake in their greens.

In Sydney on Monday, April 13, Alexander White and his partner Amelie Neid found themselves with a snake in their home and did not open their groceries. The reptile was reportedly hidden in a socket of lettuce and measured eight inches Defender.

He seems to have slept peacefully in the supermarket refrigerator until Alexander White grabbed the bag and put it with his bag for a ten minute bike ride.

“We didn’t take a cart because we didn’t have any coins, so we just carried it. Looking back, it scares me a little bit,” Alexander White said.

The couple then came to a wildlife rescue association and requested that the reptile be retrieved.

The snake was released in nature

No deaths have been reported, but according to the Australian Museum, the venom of this native snake in Australia can cause symptoms such as “severe headache, blurred vision, localized pain and abnormal bleeding” of the Elabide family.

The supermarket sign promises that the snake will be released into the wild and says it will work with its supplier to “investigate how this incident could have happened”.

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