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They discover a deer in their house

A New Brunswick couple who thought they were the victims of a break-in were stunned when they came face to face with a deer.

Ray and Katie O’Donnell are back after a day of shopping on Wednesday when they discover that a window in their Hampton-area home has been blown out.

“We thought someone had broken in,” Ray told Global News, explaining that he was about to call the police.

He added, “I went downstairs to check what was missing, and in the family room there was a deer staring at me.”

“I was very surprised. I didn’t expect it at all.”

According to him, the animal does not seem very panicked. The couple doesn’t know exactly how long the animal has been inside the house, but it has been there long enough to wreak havoc.

They eventually called the wildlife department and officers came to extract the doe, which then escaped into the woods.

In a statement, Department of Natural Resources spokesman Nick Brown said the area has a “fairly high population” of suburban deer and that the animals’ presence around homes in the neighborhood is common.

Of the somewhat unusual penetration and entry, he said, “These incidents are rare, but almost unheard of in New Brunswick.”

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