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They caught fire trying to set the business on fire

Two people set themselves on fire Monday while trying to burn down an immigrant services business in California.

The incident allegedly occurred shortly after midnight at “Servicio de Inmigacion”, a business located in the small municipality of Bakersfield.

“Within ten minutes of their arrival, the firefighters were able to declare the fire out and conduct primary and secondary searches for possible victims inside,” the local authorities said in a statement. With the fire quickly under control, damage was confined to the garage.

In a security video shared on Facebook by the company, we see two people throwing petrol at the building before setting it on fire, burning themselves in the process.

An investigation has been opened to shed light on this event.

Quickly, after the disaster, Yesenia Solorzano’s employer fired A.J Get up from the bottom To get his business back up and running, but also to help a friend.

“We were helping a friend with him [entreprise de lave-auto] And his things were burned, and he was no longer with him because of the fire. He had no insurance for his equipment and his only salary was to pay for his accommodation and living expenses,” he said, adding that all donations would be used to get the two businesses back up and running.

By early Friday evening, $10,238 had been raised, more than double the initial target of $5,000.