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These XXL motorhomes will cross America’s roads – seven to eight

“Hit the road, Jack”. This song from the Ray Charles collection is repeated in the seven to eight statements that can be seen at the top of this article. And for good reason: America has seen the highest number of “road hitters” since the Covid crisis. Well-organized travel in a motorhome and often with family. Life change: You sell your house, organize your livelihood, and you “hit the road”. Lauren and Aaron, approached by our team, took the plunge three years ago and have no regrets. “Our makeup changes all the time,” enthuses the 30-year-old. “Our environment is never the same, and that’s great. I like change.” The couple sold their house and bought a used motor home for €25,000 to give up their routine in Atlanta. With their two young children, they move every 10 days on average. They’re financially supported thanks to an online company that Aaron manages remotely, and Lauren feeds their Instagram account with photos of their adventures. At the same luxury campsite are Gary and Trish, two wealthy retirees from Texas. After selling their house and plumbing business, they bought a luxury motor home for €450,000. High quality fully equipped kitchen, master bedroom, large bathroom and even a fireplace. Nothing is missing in their home on wheels… and rolling less and less. Gary and Trish actually bought their own place at the campsite for €100,000 and built a small building on the site to host their friends. Because it is a real community, after meeting from camp to camp. In the Sierra Nevada, at the base of the mighty “El Capitan” cliff, our little traveling family found friends they had met during their incarceration when their vehicle was parked with dozens of others in Florida. Those fleeing the middle-class suburbs aren’t going back home, Lauren admits: “It’s going to be really, really hard to go back to a sedentary life.” This video excerpt is taken from a replay of Sept à Huit, a weekly news and report program broadcast on TF1 and hosted by Harry Rosselmack. 7 à 8 Give 3 to 4 reports on current events: political, other facts, social or international events.

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