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These foods lift your spirits after a difficult breakup

These foods lift your spirits after a difficult breakup

Ice cream, chips, burger … When faced with a difficult romantic breakup, it is not uncommon for the appetite to increase dramatically, as if filling a void. Eyes full of tears, a heavy heart, the movie Dirty spacing On TV or any song in her ears, her stomach is full without dispelling the sadness! And for good reason, in these moments, we really can’t say we’re too careful about what we eat…a big mistake! Reason ? Some antidepressant foods can help you feel better! Public gives you a list of these re-enforcing foods that you can eat in case of severe heartache‚Ķ


That’s good news, chocolate is on the list of foods that make us smile! Thanks to its magnesium content, it allows you to maintain your energy and reduce anxiety attacks! So remember to consume it preferably black!


This banana fruit also contains magnesium, but that’s not all! Bananas contain amino acids that help regulate mood!


The vitamin B1 and iron found naturally in mushrooms will help you fight the irritability that depression often causes. So feel free to eat it raw in a salad!

Sardines and oysters:

Sardines and oysters, in general, love it or hate it … but one thing is for sure, our spirits appreciate! Omega-3 balances the nervous system while Vitamin B12 helps keep your spirits high…

Asparagus and Brussels sprouts:

Just like chocolate (but better for your health), these foods are very rich in magnesium… an essential mineral for restoring our energy and reducing stress and anxiety during a breakup.

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Hazelnut and pineapple:

Rich in Vitamin B6 that helps keep your spirits high, and the sugar content in these foods awakens dopamine that spreads a sense of well-being in the body! Best of all, these foods strengthen hair and nails…


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