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These 9 Android apps want to steal your Facebook password Facebook

9 Android apps available on Google Play Store seek to steal IDs (passwords and username) of Facebook users. Before being recognized by an antivirus, these malicious apps were downloaded more than 5.8 million times from the Store.

Credits: Pixabay

In a survey published on July 1, 2021, computer security researchers at Dr Web, a popular antivirus, warned Android users who haveFacebook account. Nine Android apps seek to corner internet users to recover their credentials.

The way the malicious apps worked was the same every time. Users install the app and realize that it is full of ads. To avoid intrusive ads, the app asks internet users to log into their Facebook accounts.

List of 9 Android Apps That Seek to Hack Your Facebook Account

Then the app opens Login window asking for your credentials : Username, email and password. Unsurprisingly, the window is designed to intercept data submitted by users. The hackers then recover this data, most likely with the aim of reselling it wholesale on black markets in the United States. dark web.

“After the victim logged into their account, the Trojans also stole cookies from the current authorization session. These cookies were also sent to cybercriminals” Dr. Webb explains. Cookies are files created by the server of the website you are visiting. This data is used to identify you on the site. Cookies may be used in particular for advertising purposes.

Using cookies and identifiers, scammers can break into your Facebook account Bypass social network protection mechanisms. To avoid falling into the trap, Dr Web recommends that you quickly uninstall the nine apps below from your Android smartphone or tablet:

  • PIP . picture
  • Image Processing
  • rubbish cleaner
  • Enoil Fitness
  • daily horoscope
  • Keep lock app
  • Locket Master
  • B towers
  • App lock manager
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alerted by Dr. Webb, Google removed all 9 apps quickly from his store. For security reasons, the company has also banned app developers from the Play Store. To avoid pitfalls, we recommend that you monitor all attempts to log into your Facebook account. Finally, we encourage you to do so Install a good antivirus on your Android phone.

Source : Doctor Web