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There is no shortage of jobs here.

There is no shortage of jobs here.

According to the latest available data from Statistics Canada, the accommodation and food service sector reached the highest vacancy rate in Quebec at the end of 2020, at 6.6%.

It scares me, admits the owner of the Hotel-Motel Castel de la Mer in La Malbaie. I could have grown. We had plans. It is the fear we have, the lack of manpower.

Before the pandemic, his hotel ran with about 20 employees during the summer season. It now has about fifteen, minimal manpower. Fortunately for him, sanitary measures have curtailed room services.

On a daily basis, it’s stress. If someone gets sick or leaves, how are we going to go about business?

Quote from:Pierre-Andre Nadeau, owner of the Hotel-Motel Castel de la Mer de La Malbaie

Castel de la Mer, Hello! Unfortunately, we are fully booked for this weekend. Charlie, the front desk clerk, has to repeat this phrase several times a day for clients looking for a place to put their bags for a night or a few nights.

By mid-August, very few rooms are available. We were robbed, says Pierre-Andre Nadeau. Even government officials who often come here to work in the area are no longer able to reserve rooms.

batch of immigration

His situation would be more complicated if he were not in contact with a migrant workforce that was not in his plans in the past.

We were lucky, fell from the skyshouts Mr. Nadio.

An immigrant couple knocked on their door last summer. They are Tai of Japanese descent and Charlie is a French biologist by training. Both are awaiting their permanent residence.

It’s cool, it’s so beautiful, and here, that’s not it Careers lackingCharlie points out.

The experience so far has been decisive on both sides. Ty and Charlie hope to be able to settle down for the long term in La Malbaie and to grow up their little girl there.

But everyone couldn’t help but ignore when the Prime Minister said in May that he wanted immigrants with disabilities. Compensation in excess of $56,000 per year. It is to create wealth, to ensure that Quebecers get better wages, select Francois Legault.

At that time, it honestly shocked me, recalls Pierre-Andre Nadeau. We can’t afford to show that here.

To keep his workers — who can earn more than $30,000 a year — he says he raised their wages by $2 an hour in the summer.

The fact remains that the customer wants to pay as little as possible. We try to offer reasonable rates and best salaries in our field.

Quote from:Pierre-Andre Nadeau, owner of the Hotel-Motel Castel de la Mer de La Malbaie

Maybe one day I’ll do it, says Charlie, but to get in and earn $56,000 right down the road, it won’t matter to many people. Indeed, it is necessary to conduct equivalencies for diplomas!

Almost everywhere needed

The Governor of the MRC de Charlevoix-Est, Odile Como, talks about needs in almost all sectors. Migration will certainly become inevitable in some areas, and it will be [les] welcome.

There are more jobs to cover just over $56,000. This is certain.

Quote from:Odile Comeau, Governor of the MRC, Charlevoix-Est

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Odile Cuomo is the Governor of the MRC de Charlevoix-Est. The average annual employment income for an MRC was $38,704 in 2019 versus nearly $45,000 per Quebec, according to the Statistics Institute of Quebec. At that time, there were 5,506 workers.

Photo: Radio Canada/Matthew Dion دي

In addition to the accommodation and restaurants sector, the healthcare sector also has dire needs. At the end of 2020, this sector also had the largest total number of vacancies in Quebec: more than 25,000.

Resolute Forest Products, one of the largest employers in the Charlevoix area, is struggling to fill its positions when it becomes available. We don’t have more suitable CVs at all, supports the director of human resources at the Claremont plant, Melanie Simard. However, an inbound worker’s salary can exceed $55,000 per year.

This situation however opens up the possibilities. Previously, when one spouse found a job, the other spouse did not find one, explains Odile Como. Now there are a lot of offers. This helps!

But in the meantime, accessing the services is sometimes difficult. Owners Éric and Julie Tremblay of Resto-Pub Belles et Bum had to choose to close Sundays and Mondays this year due to staff shortages.

Foreign workers will obviously become an option, but you have to take the winter to be able to get them in the springMr. Tremblay suggests. However, his wife adds That with all the social benefits created by the government, we feel that there is a workforce that can lend a helping hand and would rather wait for money.

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Julie Tremblay is the co-owner of Resto-Pub Belles et Bum in La Malbaie.

Photo: Radio Canada/Matthew Dion دي

At the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu, Director of Sales and Marketing, Caroline Aullet, indicated that she had to do so. Dealing with agencies To obtain and provide employment Bonuses for employees who refer friends, for example. We were also able to find employment outside the country, not without difficulties.It emphasizes with reference to onerous administrative procedures and health restrictions.

Not that we don’t want Quebeckers, they don’t apply for these jobs.

Quote from:Caroline Aulet, Director of Sales and Marketing, Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu

Room or kitchen attendant jobs are less in demand after jobs. All services combined, The Fairmont will need 10% more workers in La Malbay.

In the absence of reinforcements, employers in the region have to be creative, but immigration seems to them more and more important.

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