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There is an urgent need to open restaurant terraces, according to Restaurant Canada

There is an urgent need to open restaurant terraces, according to Restaurant Canada

“The stands and things have to move in the coming weeks,” says Restaurants Canada, which fears the worst for independent restaurants in the next six months.

“to [la réouverture] Dining rooms, if it takes six months, it’s over, ”Olivier Bourbo, vice president for federal and Quebec affairs, fears Restaurants Canada.

According to him, its members are currently still alive due to three subsidies, namely, Assistance to Businesses in High Alert Areas (AERAM), Canada Emergency Wage Support (SSUC) and Canada Emergency Rent Grant (SUCL).

As for the latter, Mr. Bourbo is deeply afraid of his currently planned stopover in September. “If we close and there is no longer any more support, restaurants will fall like flies.” He said it is a more likely scenario for independents.

The cries of the restaurant owners’ hearts are palpable this week. As stated in Montreal Magazine On Saturday, the CEOs of Cage aux Sports and Restos Plaisirs, as well as Groupe President St-Hubert, among others, united their voices and sought permission from the government to reopen their enterprises in a “gradual and planned” manner.

Last November, Restaurants of Canada indicated the eventual closing of 10,000 restaurants across the country. Given that most restaurants are closed across the province, the Vice President had no new data at this time.


According to Mr. Bourbo’s statements, the scenario discussed with the governments shows an opening in two phases. Terraces first and dining rooms after.

Even with the 9:30 PM curfew, restaurants will be able to attract enough customers.

The Vice President still wants to emphasize “work well” with the Caquista government. “We have good ears on them. Even when we manage to talk about the stands.

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“We are very positive about the idea that it is coming, obviously, when sanitary measures are relaxed. It will come sooner rather than later.”


Join this purpose, a spokesperson for the Department of Health and Social Services, Robert Maranda, has not come forward on the reopening date in Peel County.

Obviously, we want to avoid going back and having to restrict certain sectors of activity again. This is why the cooperation of residents and merchants is so important. In this regard, we would like to thank the restaurant owners who play a major role in complying with sanitary measures. ”