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Le ministère des Affaires étrangères dans le centre de Séoul. (Photo d'archives Yonhap)

There has been no request for advice from the United States on the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics

Seoul, Nov. 26 (Yonhap) Beijing South Korea has not received any advice from the United States on its diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics, an official said on Friday.

Last week, US President Joe Biden announced that Washington was considering a diplomatic boycott of sports in the West Xinjiang region.

As part of this possible boycott, American athletes will participate in the Games, but representatives of government officials will not attend the Games.

“We have not received any request,” the official said, reiterating the South Korean government’s hope that the Beijing Olympics would be a “turning point” in improving relations between the two countries.

South Korea seeks to use the Olympics to explore diplomatic opportunities to renew dialogue with North Korea.

US diplomatic boycott could push other US allies to do the same.

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