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Theater for young audiences: “The Silence of the Birds” in Place Apollo in Mazamet

The kingdom of Milfoy has more trees than people, until one autumn morning, when tired of plucking leaves, the inhabitants put down their rakes, and made up their minds: ‚ÄúThere was only ‘cutting of trees. But one day the TVs tripped. The whole village came out screaming. What’s going on? The birds came back, not on the dead trees, but on the TV antennas. A wonderful song arose and everyone began to listen to the wonderful concert of the birds. No more screens! Then They decided to replant the trees.Since then, in Melville, men and birds have been singing at the top of their voices. “Mountain – Silence of Birds” is, for me, a poetic way to make children think about the place of nature in our lives. I think it’s time to reconnect with our feelings and awaken our ability to listen and wonder! Screens are our excuses, furnishing boredom, stifling sadness… They stand between us and others, between us and the world, like a mask of a picture” Charlie Blanche explains.

Saturday, January 21, at 4 p.m., Espace Apollo, Mazamet. 6 euros.

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